Chris Lundy

Chris Lundy is an overachiever and he isn’t finished yet.

Fully fledged member of the original Pipeline Underground of the late 70?s and early 80?s, stand out surfer at Sunset and Waimea, talented surfboard shaper – made and rode the first thruster used at Waimea Bay when everyone at the time said thrusters couldn’t be ridden in 20ft+ Bay surf, accomplished musician, outrageously gifted artist – all the iconic surf posters of the last 20 years have been Lundy’s. His huge paintings are sought after by serious collectors, his limited edition Nike Artist Series sneakers (only 6 artists were chosen internationally) are the wet dreams of sneaker freaks worldwide and to top it off he is an aussie trapped in a Seppo’s body, a bloody top bloke and a good mate of mine.

After 20 years of telling him to take a break from the North Shore and come and have a look at Margaret River, he finally came. By chance, his trip coincided with Marty Littlewood shaping me a beautiful 10’6? triple stinger.

Now a 10’6? really ties up a surfboard factory – until it’s done it is in the way no matter where you put it, jamming up the normal daily traffic of foam, glass and resin like a block of cheese to the lower intestine.

Marty called me one morning and said it was shaped and ready to be glassed but to my luck he couldn’t remember what glass job we had decided to put on it.

I had planned to put some colour on it to help see it in the ocean if we ever became separated. I mentioned this to Marty and he said I had better swing past to do it ASAP, as the board was stalling the Delta factory’s machine-like efficiency.

Knowing I had no chance of getting there to do it myself that day, I flashed on Lundy, who was sitting back at my place. I gave him a call and said could he go and quickly whack some colour on it for me so Marty could keep working on it.

Well, four days later he finished whacking some colour on it… and this is what I got.

Hats off Lundy!